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American Mountain Guide Association

The American Mountain Guide’s Association (AMGA) is the premier source for training, credentials, and services for professional mountain guides and climbing instructors in the United States.

For over 25 years, the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) has been dedicated to supporting the guiding community through excellence in education, standards and certification to enhance the quality of services provided to the public, while serving as a resource for accessing and protecting the natural environment. As a group the AMGA presents a strong, unified voice for high standards of the professionalism of guiding and climbing instruction in the United States. The AMGA is an organization grounded in powerful tradition that continues to evolve with the ever changing arena of mountain guiding and climbing instruction. We offer a series of training courses and exams designed to certify guides and climbing instructors to the highly respected, internationally recognized, standards of the AMGA.

The AMGA is our nation’s sole representative to the 21-member International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA), the international governing body responsible for guiding standards and education around the world.

Hire an AMGA Certified Guide

Hiring an American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Certified Guide or Accredited Program can help you learn the essential skills of mountaineering or turn your dream climb into a reality.

AMGA Certified Guides come from many different backgrounds and have a variety of talents and ambitions but one thing unites them all: the desire to rise to their full potential, excel at what they do, and become the best mountain guide they can be. AMGA training allows mountain guides to realize these desires. As the sole U.S. member of the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association), our certified guides have undergone rigorous training and examination that meets and exceeds international standards.

Building a relationship and getting involved with an AMGA Certified Guide or Accredited Program is a great way to gain mastery of climbing and skiing technical skills or reach the summit of your heart’s desire. AMGA guides bring a unique set of characteristics to the mountains. With a combination of great personality, a focus on maximizing client reward, excellent teaching ability, and emphasis on safety, our guides are sure to improve your mountain experiences.

AMGA Accreditation

AMGA representatives grant AMGA Accreditation to companies who meet or exceed the high operational standards required by the American Mountain Guides Association during an extensive safety and business review of their operations.

The American Mountain Guides Association Accreditation Program has been developed for guide services, climbing programs and school or university outdoor programs. The AMGA is this country’s only organization to offer a comprehensive training and certification program for mountain guides that is recognized by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA). While AMGA certification is designed for individual guides, accreditation is for guide services and climbing programs.

The Accreditation Program was developed by professional guides and climbing instructors who are leaders in the outdoor industry. The Accreditation Director and Accreditation Committee oversee the program. The Accreditation Committee is made up of AMGA certified guides in the Rock, Alpine and Ski disciplines.

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