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36 Oldmedow Road

Hardwick Industrial Estate
Kings Lynn
PE30 4PP

Tel: 01553 817990


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Clothing Categories

Hats and Balaclavas


Waterproof and dexterous gloves??

SealSkinz Ltd. is an independent company specialising in manufacturing and supplying waterproof, breathable gloves, socks and hats

What is the Technology?

Core to the business are socks and gloves made using patented technology at SealSkinz’s site in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. This technology means that the products are particularly close fitting as well as being totally waterproof and highly breathable. In particular the socks are unique. In addition to patented products, SealSkinz also supply a range of more conventionally constructed specialist gloves and hats.

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Who uses them?

SealSkinz primaraily supplies the Outdoor, Cycling, Marine and Country & Equestrian Markets particularly by specialists and enthusisats. The patented socks and gloves are also used in a range of other fields including for Team Sports, Industrial, Institutional and Military applications.

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