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RockTopos - Rock Climbing Guides

CostaBlancaRock web site is intended to provide a single source of information covering climbing areas in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.

RockTopos climbing guides are intended to provide documented information, directions and routes for the rock climbing at the cliff or area covered by the guides. The guides are intended to supplement the publish guides to these climbing areas. The guides will be updated to reflect new routes and to provide current access details. RockTopos guides may be obtained by free download from the Internet. RockTopos guides may be distributed free of charge after obtaining permisson of the author.

Climbing Areas Covered

Gandia Area - areas close to the town of Gandia in the northern Costa Blanca

Calpe Area - covering climbing in the Calpe, Xaló/Jalón valley and Benidorm areas

Alicante Area - covering the climbing near Alicante, Orihuela and Murcia

Ontinyent Area - covering the climbing in the central area around the town of Ontinyent

Murcia - the areas in the southern part of the Costa Blanca around the city of Murcia

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