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Climbers' Association of Western Australia (CAWA)

Climbing in WA is very varied - there is granite, basalt, dolerite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone....

The photos below show a few places in the south-west area:

Top left photo - 'Stainless Steel' at Willyabrup, 200 km south of Perth.

Bottom left photo - 'Andomeda' at West Cape Howe, 400 km south-east of Perth.

Top right photo - 'Easter Gully' on Bluff Knoll, 350 km south-west of Perth.

Bottom right photo - 'Baylac Direct' on Peak Head, 400 km south-west of Perth.

Some of the things CAWA do (other than climbing):

Social meetings, held by prior arrangement. Contact CAWA for info. Usual goings-on include slide shows and talking about climbing.
Publish Western Climber magazine (quarterly). Providing information on up-coming events, crag access, new routes, gossip and general interest articles. A new feature is the classifieds (Gear for sale, looking for a new climbing partner, etc.).
Monitor Access issues such as access to climbing areas, environmental care and continued liason with local CALM officers. In the past this has involved fighting for access to climbing areas, a good example was stopping the Augusta/Margaret River council from slapping a $5000 fine on climbing at Wallcliffe reserve.
Organising weekend club trips to crags.
Organise and promote the local West Australian Sport Climbing championships.
Publish guidelines which promote sensible behaviour by outdoor climbers, and encourage all climbers to adopt them.
Organise "working bees" to improve access paths to crags. Did you know that all the steps on the path to Churchman's were built by CAWA members? and recently CAWA put new terraces at the bottom of Churchman's to help prevent erosion.
Provide a central body that represents climbers. Our members sit on different public committees and represents the interests of climbers.
Members also get good discounts on climbing gyms entry and gear in all Perth climbing shops.

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