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490 Cowbridge Road East, Victoria Park, Cardiff, CF5 1BL

Tel: ++44 (0)2920 578579


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Up and Under

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Choose from products from all the leading and specialist brands inc. Beal, Beta Climbing Designs, Black Diamond, Bleaustone, Boreal, Clif Bar, Climb On!, Crux, DMM, Edelrid, Entreprises, Evolv, Five Ten, Fixe, Foin, Grivel, Kahtoola, La Sportiva, Mad Rock, Maillon Rapide, Mammut, Metolius, Petzl, prAna, Rab, Red Chili, Scarpa, Stubai, Suunto, Troll, Wild Country, plus many more.

Up and Under outdoor gear profile

As the U.K's premier independent specialist outdoor equipment retailer we have two shops based in Cardiff, Wales dedicated to canoeing, caving, climbing, walking and travel. You can purchase everything from stove spares to inflatable rafts.

Up and Under outdoor gear online

Our online catalogue of over 4,500 items, has images and notes for the majority of the products. On top of this you'll find large amounts of critical appraisal, product comparison tables and competitive pricing at every level of the catalogue.

We also have a map, book, poster, calendar, DVD and CDRom library and a permanently overflowing bargain bin.

In the Resources section of the website you will find product test notes and gear reviews made by our staff in the field.

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