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Mustafa Adventure

Overseas Experditions

UK / Turkey / Croatia / Slovenia / Bosnia & Herzegovina / France / Italy / Czech Republic / China & Silk Route / Hong Kong / India / Thailand / Mauritius / Malaysia / Oman / UAE-Dubai

Where Fun Happens...

We specilise in outdoor pursuits both in the UK and other destinations around the world. Our instruction is top-class and carried out by fully trained and qualified staff.

Our main destination abroad is Turkey. We have a new base set up in the Taurus Mountains where no other tourists have been before - more destinations are available in other areas of Turkey. We offer people to come and experience the great outdoors in the unspoilt rivers, caves and mountains of Turkey, this is ideal for the experienced and non experienced adventure buff.

Come with us and travel to some of the world's most spectacular & remote places while meeting extraordinary people and achieving something truly amazing in your lifetime.

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Multi-Activty Holidays

As well as trips aboard we offer a massive range of UK based courses which can be tailored to your requirements. You can choose Kayaking, Canoeing, Climbing, Mountaineering, Survival skills, Caving and many more, the choice is up to you.

Mustafa Sahin

Mustafa Adventure is owned and run by Mustafa Sahin who is an international athlete/coach and has a wealth of experience and qualifications in outdoor adventure. Mustafa has £5m liability Insurance to cover any activity you choose to do.

We provide outdoor activities through the UK & Overseas, all our sessions and expeditions are run uniquely, each one is set up for the individual.

We pride ourselves in tailoring the session/expeditions around the group/individuals needs, we understand everyone is unique and has different fitness levels, needs, goals and aspirations.

Anyone who works with us is highly qualified and has a wealth of experience of working throughout the UK & Overseas; we will bring out the best in everyone while providing fun and challenging times and maintaining the essential high safety standards that are required for any outdoor activity.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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