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Silva Map and Compass Courses

Learn to navigate with a Map and Compass from the Experts

The Silva Map and Compass Courses are practical courses designed to get you navigating with a map and compass effectively and accurately. The courses are run from the Peak District village of Tideswell and cover all the essential skills. Courses are designed for the absolute beginner, those who have been doing it for a while but have picked up bad habits through to good navigators wanting to get even better.

The courses are run by Pete Hawkins, who is the author of three successful books on navigation and has been teaching the subject for 25 years. Silva, the makers of the best compasses, sponsor the courses; your guarantee of quality.

National Navigation Award Scheme

The courses are based on the NNAS scheme and are run throughout the year. Bronze is for the beginners or rusty, Silver for the those who are good map readers but want to use their compass properly and Gold is the equivalent of the navigation standard for an ML or WGL course.

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Practical and Hands-on

Yes there are indoor sessions, but there is also plenty of opportunity to get outside and practice your new found skills.

More details can be found on the web site or call Pete Hawkins for details

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