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What is 4mph about?

4mph is about creating space in your work life to reflect.
4mph is about walking, talking, thinking and change.
4mph is about spending two days on your self.
4mph is about expert facilitation.
4mph is about results.
4mph is executive coaching in the outdoors.

Who is 4mph for?

4mph is for people who know they solve problems when they're away from the desk.
4mph is for people who know they have competing priorities.
4mph is for people who want to set a clear direction.
4mph is for people who want to walk and talk.
4mph is for people who are ready to change something.

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Who is 4mph?

4mph is offered by Peter Jackson. Peter is accredited by the Association for Coaching and holds Masters degrees in both Coaching & Mentoring Practice and Organisational Behaviour. In his coaching practice he focuses on the challengs of general management, particularly in larger corporate environments. He also teaches at Oxford Brookes Business School.

What do I do next?

Phone and book two days.

You will get visits at your workplace before and after the event to make sure the work is both relevant and followed up with action.

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