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Slackjaw Film

Slackjaw is an organic group of film-makers who have a firm love of both the outdoors and producing high-quality work. We have at our disposal a broad base of experience in all aspects of film production, are friendly and we care.

Since 1997, we’ve been investigating monkey-like activity in various specimens of the human race. It’s all been a bit mad. And scary.

While our roots are climbing, we’re still interested in other stuff. The environment, music, fiction film and generally what makes people tick.

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Rich Heap

Involved in most Slackjaw activity through sheer over enthusiasm. Experienced camera operator, editor and director.

Likes climbing and distant horizons.

Ben Bevan-Pritchard

Ben has been a Slackjaw collaborator for over five years specialising in camera operating and DVD design and build. He’s been principal camera on most of our latest stuff, plus two Channel 4 documentaries. He is presently working on an ITV commission featuring Jack Osborne’s best ways to die.

Likes hot chilli sauce and mountain air.

Paul Fletcher

The ears of Slackjaw. Paul is our resident sound mixer and sound recordist. In between times he does OB sound for Sky Sports on their football and superbike broadcasts. He also performs in the bands Meat for a Dark Day and the mighty Hotsnack.
(You’ll be glad to hear the moustache in this photo was a temporary aberration.)

Eve Wood

Our premiere ‘over a cup of tea’ consultant. Also director/producer on Made in Sheffield and co-producer on Meltdown. She has her own production company, Sheffield Vision, which has a distinct musical bent. They are working on docs about local glam loons Pink Grease and Sheffield’s second wave of popsters in the late 80s/early 90s.

Recently filmed a series of 16 births for a Discovery Channel health series. Lovely.

Janet Laycock

Janet has negotiated the title of International Sales Executive. Through sheer persistence, she has schmoozed our films in to shops around Europe, Japan and the USA. That’s the easy stuff done, now all she has to do is organise the rest of our set-up.

Likes the seaside, loves her daughter’s laugh.

Laurent Derioz

Loz has shot on Slackjaw’s Blood, Sweat & Bagels and Meltdown. He is also an experienced camera assistant on 16 and 35mm film having worked on features and pop promos.

A great people person with a love of motorbikes.

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