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Yo! Basecamp Rock Climbing Camp

Yo! Basecamp stokes you out with an incredible outdoor rock climbing experience. From sunrise to sunset you do what all climbers dream of. Have classic Yosemite-esque climbs all to yourself. Walk to your own extensive granite bouldering area. Chalk up with Chris Sharma, the world's greatest rock climber. Rejuvenate your soul in the High Sierra of sunny California, the most spectacular nature on the planet. Spend some time with Yo! Basecamp and have a real rock climbing adventure!

High Sierra Rock Camps

So you’ve caught the climbing bug and want to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of outdoor rock climbing. In this sport it’s extremely important to build a strong foundation of skills, on which your judgment in the future will be based. At this camp, we teach you the nuts and bolts of how to place gear, how to build your own anchor, and how to lead a crack (on top-rope, also know as mock-leading). We pride ourselves on our excellent instruction, telling you why something is done the way it is and showing you how to do it simply and correctly, from knot-tying to rappelling. Day after day, your technique will naturally improve, as you climb and boulder on some of the world’s best granite. Come and make friends who share the same love for climbing that you do!

2009 Dates: 7/1 (Wed.)-7/7 (Tues.); 8/13 (Thurs.)-8/19 (Wed.)
Cost: $1,195
Ages: 11-18

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Chris Sharma Bouldering Camp

The eastern side of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is home to more diverse bouldering than anywhere in the world. The wall of granite that makes up the 14,000-foot peaks of the High Sierra drops into the vast expanse of the Owens River Valley, an area that photographer Ansel Adams called the "most dramatic stretch of scenery in the United States." There is more bouldering here than any boulderer could dream of doing in a lifetime. On this course, you’ll sample the best rock and get a smattering of pocket-pulling, edging, smearing, jug-hauling, mantling, crimping, dynoing, and all-around sending! In between bouldering days our small group chills out by swimming and playing Ultimate Frisbee and catches pizza and a movie in the nearby small town of Mammoth, Calif. (Please note: This course is limited to those with a high level of motivation to boulder at technical areas several hours a day, many days in a row.)

2009 Dates: 7/25 (Sat.)-7/31 (Fri.)
Cost: $1,595
Ages: 11-18

High Sierra Bouldering Camp

If you're a psyched boulderer, then you know that the quality of rock you're pulling down on means everything. Yes, we've been accused of being California-centric, but most people agree with us when we say that High Sierran granite is some of the best rock in the world. At Courtright Reservoir, which is located at the center of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we've developed a custom tour of boulder problems that will inspire you to climb 'til you can't hold on anymore. (Please note: This course is limited to boulderers with enough motivation and enthusiasm to boulder several hours a day, many days in a row.)

2009 Dates: 7/13 (Mon.)-7/19 (Sun.)
Cost: $1,195
Ages: 11-18

Santa Cruz Mountains Bouldering Camps

The redwood forest-covered Santa Cruz Mountains hold some of the biggest and best bouldering areas on California's Central Coast. These hidden treasures are built of ancient oceanic rock that has been weathered into smooth gray sandstone, making it friendly on the fingertips and a pleasure to hold onto. Known for their great "slopers," the boulders have a hodgepodge of holds, including pinches, edges, buckets, huecos (holes), and all sorts of funky water-shaped features. We camp amongst the giants at Henry Cowell State Park, home to some of the largest redwood trees in the world. Our rest day takes us to the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, Calif. If it's not beach weather, then the historic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement park provides all the excitement we need. (Please note: On this camp there are problems at all levels; however; we limit participation to climbers with enough bouldering experience to be motivated enough to boulder for many hours a day, several days in a row.)

2009 Dates: 6/22 (Mon.)-6/25 (Thurs.); 8/4 (Tues.)-8/7 (Fri.)
Cost: $595
Ages: 11-18

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