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Chris Craggs - Blog

Climber, Writer and Photographer

I hjve ben rock climbing since the mid 1960s all over the UK, Europe and North America and have written articles for the UK and foreign Outdoor Press for many years on rock climbing destinations. I have had hundreds photographs published over this time.


I wrote a small guidebook to recent development on the Costa Blanca back in the early 1990s for Cicerone Press and follow this up with guides to Andalucia, Mallorca and Belgium, as well as a 100 Best Climbs on UK Limestone.
In 2001 I teamed up with Alan James of RockFax and wrote two guide to Peak Gritstone climbing (Peak Grit East and Western Grit) both of which won the Outdoor Writers Guild "Guidebook of the Year". More recently I have write guides to the Costa Blanca, Northern England and Lofoten. The Lofoten book won the vaunted Banff Exposition Award in 2008.
Currently I am working on a selected climbs guidebook to the Cote d'Azure

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