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Paragon Climbing

Guided rock climbing

Southwestern Utah offers some of the most phenomenal rock climbing opportunities on the planet. A 100 mile circle drawn around the city of St. George will contain over 50 different areas and offer almost 2000 routes. Within that circle will be 7 different rock types, and every life zone from lower Sonoran to alpine. Every style of climbing will be represented from bouldering to big wall, and every free climbing facet from friction slab to roof jugs. It is arguably the greatest variety of climbing in the country.

Paragon Adventures has been integral in both the development of the routes and areas as well as the training of a generation of climbers who are an asset to the climbing community. Our rock climbing school and courses offer the most comprehensive and tailored instruction in the region. We are dedicated to creating safe, competent and responsible members of the climbing community.

Our programs run the gamut from initial introductions to the sport for the first time aspirant, to technically demanding and rigorous courses of instruction designed to give climbers the knowledge and skills they need to push their personal envelopes. Private guiding lets us craft a day of climbing around your goals, and offers the opportunity to take on challenges under the guidance of a patient and thorough professional.

When you combine this kind of terrain, and professional instruction with over 300 sunny days a year, there simply isn't a better place to climb.

Zip Line Adventure Programs

Beautiful guided hikes enhanced with vertical challenges that will leave you astounded at what you are capable of accomplishing . Professional hiking guides will lead you through stunning and intimate desert landscapes. As the vertical challenges present themselves climbing instructors will teach you the skills to overcome both the obstacles as well as your self doubts. Rock climbing up a vertical cliff, rappelling back down another and riding a zip line across a chasm round out these fun and exhilarating programs. We offer 3 different programs to accommodate various levels of fitness and desire.

We offer 4 different programs, each of which having a differnt focus of activities but all of which are big fun.

Quest: most condensed program with rappelling at the main focus
Challenge: Longest zip line and rock climbing as the main focus
Endeavor: climbing, rappelling and zip lines in a desert oasis
Adventure: Day long activity of climbing, rappelling, slot canyon, hiking through an arch, petroglyphs, pictographs and a gourmet lunch high in a cliff side alcove.

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Mountain Biking

Utah is widely considered to be one of the top mountain bike destinations in the world, but it is the southwestern corner of the state that offers the most diverse 4 season mountain biking on the planet. Whether riding the carved single track of the wide open Mojave, the slick rock of Gooseberry mesa, or high alpine meadows in Brian head, no other place offers this kind of variety in such a compact area. We are talking 30 different rides, in 3 deserts and 5 life zones spanning elevations from 2500 feet to 10,000 feet above sea level. Combine this incredible terrain with over 300 sunny days per year, easy access, no bugs, no crowds, clean air, and all the services of a small vibrant community, and it would be difficult to come up with a better destination than St. George Utah.

Paragon Adventures offers mountain biking tours customized to your schedule, your abilities, and your goals. Our guides are professionals who relentlessly pursue the best biking experiences possible for our guests. We provide the bike, guide, helmet, gloves, camelback, transportation and digital photographs and video’s…. You provide the legs and lungs.


There is in irresistible lure to a desert slot canyon. At each bend and twist , a small clue to an immense secret is revealed in the form the next twist just ahead. Reflected canyon light illuminates the stillness, silence envelopes the spaces between footsteps and echo’s seem short lived. Each bend reveals and conceals a completely new world.

Canyoneering is the exploration of this world of slot canyons, via hiking, scrambling, rappelling and sometimes wading and swimming. Southwestern Utah is widely considered to be one of the top Canyoneering destinations in the world, with everything from casual slots that can be done in a couple of hours to multi day wilderness canyons that offer every type of obstacle imaginable.

Our Canyoneering programs offer several beautiful slot canyons that are excellent introductions to the sport. We provide all the equipment, instruction and transportation, and take you step by step through the techniques that make moving through these labyrinth passages both possible and fun.

We specialize in tailored and intimate Canyoneering experiences for small groups. Each trip is an opportunity to share the wonders of this region and our appreciation of it. We thrive on each gasp of wonder

Zion National Park

To attempt to describe Zion National park in a paragraph or two is sheer folly. Yes the main canyon does contain the tallest sandstone cliffs on the planet earth, but those words hardly describe those cliffs and the completely different sense of scale they imprint on your perspective. That the canyon brims with water in the midst of a desert ecosystem completely disregards the fact that it literally flows out of the cliff faces and creates some of the worlds most extensive hanging gardens. Hiking through the narrows is generally a casual stroll in the cool and knee deep Virgin river, yet this pleasant experience becomes an instant survival epic during even the smallest flash flood. Photographs reflect the idea, but only begin to convey the sense of space, scale, texture and taste..
To begin to understand this place it is necessary to immerse yourself in its grandeur and moods, and exert yourself to grasp its breadth and scale. Zion is a vast and varied place as different as wet moss and brittle stone. Delicate wildflowers sprout from iron hard rock faces in canyons briefly touched by directly sunlight. Begging chipmunks and regal mountain lions share space with mule deer and wild turkeys. Light plays on cliff faces and is dappled through so many trees that you forget that this is supposed to be a desert. These are the experiences that we hope to provide (except the mountain lions) and in that context we offer some entry level experiences designed to allow you to begin that process.

Zion Canyon Hiking
The Narrows Canyon Hiking
Heights to the depths

Virgin River Narrows Guided Hike
How often can you take a hike in a river? The narrows of the Virgin River contain the tallest cliffs for the narrowest canyon anywhere in the world. The paved River walk trail winds along the cliff wall for 1 mile, and leads through marshes, hanging gardens and numerous springs before it ends abruptly at a point where the river spans from one cliff wall to the other. From here it is either get wet or go home. We put on canyoneering shoes, and with hiking poles continue upstream through a combination of hiking and wading through the knee deep Virgin river. As we work upstream you begin to get a sense of the power of the river, both in terms of its force on your legs as well as what it had done to the canyon. Grottos and alcoves punctuate the way offering tranquil respites from the effort of working through the water and great places for lunch and siesta.
As we ascend, the canyon narrows (thus the name) and eventually the river spans from one vertical cliff face to the other. Here in the deepest part of the narrows direct sunlight is a brief event and the sky not much more than a neck craning sliver directly above. Turning around and heading back is often the hardest part of the experience. Canyons beckon you ever deeper, promising to reveal some secret just around the next corner, but at each corner the promise becomes the next one further in…

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