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Writers and Photographers unLimited

Writers and Photographers unLimited - The best in travel writing and photography

Not so much about climbing as about the people who write about climbing and take photographs...WPu (for short) is an online marketing service available (by invitation only) to accredited professional writers and photographers specialising in travel and the outdoors across the world. Check out the website profiles and media news bulletins for samples of how we promote you to over 2,000 editors, publishers, public relations companies, tour operators and travel companies.

About WPu

At WPu we understand what writers and photographers need, because that's what we do when we're not doing WPu stuff. But we are careful only to admit full-time professionals. So, if you're looking for freeloaders, time-wasters, hangers-on, pin-money people, you won't find them here.

And remember this...

...if a member of WPu comes to your destination, project, service, event, or whatever and gets just one story, he/she gets just one pay cheque. If we can maximise our time, and get five stories, we get five pay cheques...which means the dog gets fed, too. So, expect us to be brutally efficient in the way we do things, and in our demands for information.

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