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Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

About the Guild

The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild is the only UK organisation representing media professionals specialising in the outdoors. In addition to writers and photographers, members include illustrators, broadcasters, film-makers, artists, publishers and editors; to qualify for membership they must be ‘actively and professionally involved in sustainable activities in any outdoor setting’.
OWPG is UK-based, as are the vast majority of its members, but membership of the guild is not restricted to people living in the UK. Anyone can join, provided they meet the membership criteria and can demonstrate that they are indeed active in the world of outdoor writing, photography and/or other creative areas.

What we’re into

Walking, hiking, rambling, trekking, rock-climbing, mountaineering, cycling, mountain-biking, kayaking, surfing, scrambling, sailing, diving, dog-sledging, coasteering, canyoning, camping – and a whole lot more!

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Benefits of membership

In brief (see for more detail)
Promote your work through your dedicated page on our website, media bulletins and more;
Share information, ideas, leads with fellow professionals through our journal, on-line forum and other networking opportunities;
Discounts on a range of travel, accommodation, books, maps and outdoor gear;
Press card;
Expert advice;
Awards: chance to enter our annual Awards for Excellence;
Annual Dinner & other gatherings

For publishers and editors

Need a writer, photographer or other media professional with expertise in the outdoors? Search the OWPG website, browse the membership profiles, or contact the Secretary with your specific needs. Whatever the activity, wherever it is, there’s a very good chance someone in the OWPG has been there, seen it and done it and can rustle up the words and pictures you’re looking for.

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