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David Pickford

About David

David Pickford is an adventure photographer and writer. He works for a wide range of media and business clients on an international basis. He is the editor-in-chief of, the leading adventure sports website.

Client List

David’s list of professional clients is long and wide ranging: visit the journalism page on for more details.
Between a busy schedule of international projects, careering between continents armed with a bag of cameras, a notebook, and a pack full of climbing gear, David still finds time for pioneering new climbs around Britain. His expeditions often involve adventure motorcycling and climbing, the most recent of which was a journey around the Indian subcontinent on an Enfield Bullet 500.


David gives frequent lectures to schools, businesses and public audiences. These are bespoke events, carefully tailored to the occasion and to the particular demands of his clients. All lectures are accompanied by outstanding photography and multi-media, using a digital presentation showcase.

David’s list of clients is as diverse as the style and subject matter of his lectures. Wide ranging business and public audience credits include Red Bull, Karrimor Ltd, Shaftesbury School, Cliffhanger UK, and the long established Wilderness Lectures series (based in England).

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