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Gear-Pak Climbing Equipment Storage Roll

A really neat way of checking and storing your climbing gear.

Taking up less space in your rucsac and keeping everything clean and free from damaging grit, Gear-Pak is ideal for all types of climbing.

All the gear is displayed on opening the Gear-Pak, making the choice of rack easier. At the end of a climb, gear can be checked and packed very quickly.

You can see just how small all the gear shown in the top picture can be packed in the rucsac, and how easy it is to select and grade your rack.

Ordering is simple - just click to the website and you can pay instantly by PayPal. Despatch is 'same day' and you have a choice of Blue - Black - Green colours.

Gear-Pak Image 1
Gear-Pak Image 2

Gear-Pak Image 3
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