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South Devon Mountaineering Club


The South Devon Mountaineering Club is based in Devon (most people are from roughly between Plymouth and Exeter). We welcome hill walkers, rock climbers and mountaineers of all aspirations.

Regular club meets (walking, climbing or both) are held locally, elsewhere in the UK and abroad, day trips, weekends and longer. In addition, the club serves as a meeting place for members to organise their own trips.

In addition, there are monthly pub meets, an annual winter dinner, members discounts available from local gear shops, and lovely SDMC T-shirts!

Adult new members are always welcome.


If your considering joining the SDMC, what do you need to know or do?

Firstly you must be over 18 years of age in order that our insurance with the BMC is valid. You should have basic knowledge to the activities that you wish to participate in with us, this is to ensure that all members are able to be safe on activities and finally complete the application form and send it with payment to the club secretary.

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The SDMC meet locally on a regular bases throughout the year with the second Wednesday of the month being the official 'club night' where we are generally out and about but then meet in Sportsman's Inn Ivybridge in the winter.

In addition to the regular meets the club arranges hut trips throughout the UK and abroad and these attract a wide range of members depending on the location and activity. These trips rely on the enthusiasm and willingness of the members to identify and plan a trip and make it open to other members, remember that if there is interest in a trip and the booking of a hut is required the club will pay for this to secure the places and bank roll the funds. Have a look on the club website under meeting to see what we get upto!!


Willing members of the club produce reports on the major and some times not so major Trips away and events allong with a series of photos for all to see. If you would like to see what we get upto please refer to the relavent pages of our website.


Cotswold outdoor equipment mail order and members also get great Discounts on items bought in the store near Exeter - just present your valid membership card.

Taunton Leisure out door equipment mail order and members get 20% Discount on most items in the Exeter store when they present there valid membership card.

Kayaks and Paddles have agreed to offer current members up to 10% discount on all purchases below £150 and 15% on purchases over £150. This is believed to be the only shop in Plymouth selling climbing equipment.

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