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Lincoln Mountaineering Club

Lincoln Mountaineering Club is a UK based club that encompasses many outdoor activities including walking, climbing and mountaineering amongst others.

Membership is open for any person, of any gender, consent by parent or guardian is required for those under 18.

Club Meets

Besides the official meets list for 2008, there's plenty more going on besides. Grit or Limestone most Sundays and regular trips to North Wales. Winter meets will be arranged at short notice due to the unreliable weather and conditions. The social scene is also very active. Contact the Meets Secretary or the Club Secretary for more information.

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The Club Hut

A wonderful old farmhouse with a unique character. A real good place to retreat to after a day in Snowdonia.

The house has kitchen, lounge, dining room, two bunk rooms, two washrooms, drying room and one members only bunk room.

The kitchen has hot water, two gas hobs, microwave, fridge, toasters, pots, pans and crockery etc

The lounge has a wood burning stove with wood supplied when available by members. If you have access to any firewood you can donate, please take it with you. Coal is also provided.

The two main bedrooms have convector heaters and bunks sleeping 6 in each room. The washrooms have shower,basins and toilet in each. The drying room is located through the small door in the porch.

Weekly Pub Meet

The club meets on Wednesday evenings 8pm onwards at The Strugglers Inn, 83 Westgate, Lincoln. Forthcoming meets are discussed and traveling arrangements are made. If you miss a Wednesday and want to know what is going on then please phone the meets secretary.

BMC Membership: As a member of the Lincoln Mountaineering Club you are automatically an affiliated member of the BMC. The BMC looks after your interests nationally. Its business includes Access, Conservation, Insurance, Travel, Training, Education, Climbing, Wall Design, Guidebooks, and other publications.

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