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Kendal Wall at the Lakeland Climbing Centre

Welcome to the Lakeland Climbing Centre

Although best known for our world-class indoor climbing centre, we also offer a range of courses to suit everyone, from beginners to experienced climbers.

Rock Climbing Indoors

The Lakeland Climbing Centre offers a unique opportunity to experienced climbers and beginners alike.

Get your first taste of climbing in our unique centre, on one of our beginners courses, taster sessions or with an experienced friend.

If you've progressed beyond this stage, you'll find we have one of the best indoor facilities anywhere.

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..and outdoors

We're not just an indoor wall, we also run a wide range of outdoor courses and activities.

We are placed in one of the best possible locations in the UK for rock climbing, between the Lake District with superb traditional climbing and the Yorkshire Dales, with modern sport climbing as well as gritstone and limestone outcrops.

There are also many good local crags around the Kendal area.

The Main Hall

The focal point of our indoor climbing area is the main hall, with its 18 metre high leading wall, one of the highest in the UK.

This area also boasts several other unique features, such as the belay cave, allowing two-pitch climbs, and the stalactite.

The Main Hall has climbing of all standards, and a wide range of styles. Routes are regularly changed and kept clean for chalk and slime free climbing.

The big 18 metre wall is impressive, but not only for top-standard routes - this area always has routes of a more accessible standard for ordinary mortals too!

Other features of this area are the stalactite (right), roof area, slabs and lots of frequently changed routes of about 10m in length.

Bouldering areas

Whether bouldering is your passion or if you just like to warm up gently, there are some great problems waiting for you on our bouldering wall - two rooms of over 150 sq m of quality bouldering.

Re-designed and upgraded in Autumn 2003, our two bouldering rooms provide a great facility for all abilities.

The first room has a Livingstone curved resin wall giving 30 sq m of realistic bouldering. The modular system has allowed us to change the configuration for a new feel. New for 2003 are a multi angled cave/roof area and an undercut prow giving a huge variety of climbing angles and featuring grooves, arĂȘtes, hanging slabs and roofs.

The second room has angles from slabs to off-vertical, with both featured and panelled sections. There are a wide variety of features such as cracks, corners, bulges, grooves and arĂȘtes to make life interesting!

All areas are floored with thick fitted matting.

We run a very popular fun bouldering "ladder" during the winter months giving up to 60 marked problems of all grades, and host competitions at both local and national levels. Effective dust control, hold cleaning and fresh lighting complete the atmosphere to give a great place to crank those problems!

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