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5516 - 3rd Street S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 1J9 Canada

Tel: (403) 640-1445


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Integral Designs


Integral Designs is a privately owned company which started business in 1984 and manufactures five complementary product lines: tents, bivy shelters, sleeping bags, backpacking accessories and clothing. All Integral Designs products are designed for multi-day outdoor trips. Product testing is usually done by having the products used in extreme conditions on mountaineering expeditions. The emphasis is on function and long term durability. The designs and features have been developed and refined following extended use in the outdoors.


Integral seeks out the best materials available and subjects them to thorough lab and field tests. In each product section, there is a link to the material summary page. At Integral Designs we believe that quality and innovation is always in demand.

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Made in Canada

All Integral Designs products are proudly made in our own factory in Canada. Our factory is located in Calgary, Alberta, in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies where we can manufacture a product one day and test it in the mountains the day after. Production runs are small and and quality control is closely monitored

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