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Calgary Mountain Club

What is the CMC?

Originally, the CMC was the meeting point of Canada's top climbers who gathered together to plan expeditions, plot potential first ascents and discuss the advancement of their chosen sport. Today, it still provides this function but also serves as a means for new climbers to meet.

Any member will tell you that it's easy to recognize a CMC member. Defining the distinguishing characteristics of a member though, is another matter. The club tends to attract climbers who take their climbing very seriously and practice climbing not as a sport, but as a way of life.

The club spurns any attempt at organization or bureaucracy, surviving with the minimum amount of infrastructure required to maintain its existence.

Amongst the members of the club are climbers who have summited Everest, have ascended the highest peaks on each continent (the 7 summits), are world renowned climber-photographers, have set speed records on some of the longest climbs in the world, and can claim first ascents on some of the highest, most technically demanding and most grueling climbs ever done.

The CMC plans a number of formal and informal social events to allow its members to meet. Occasionally, we plan events to get our members out climbing together, but normally we are just a vehicle to allow members to make their own plans.

Our members realize that safety in the mountains is each member's individual responsibility. We help each other out (and learn from each other), but nobody, especially the club, accepts any responsibility for the safety or the lives of other members.

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