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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

*Note: Orders ship from Colorado, USA

Tel: 1-780-966-7011 / 1-888-4-TEKNIK


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Teknik Handholds

Teknik Handholds since 1999

We've been producing the finest shapes since 1999. We manufactured them ourselves here in Canada until 2008, at which time we outsourced all our production to a fantastic manufacturer in Colorado USA. All of our holds are now being produced in absolute top-quality urethane.

Premium globs of wall plastic shaped by Seth and Zoe

Seth and Zoe ("we") have shaped every hold in the Teknik line (with the exception of one hold shaped by phenom Nels Rosaasen, but that mold is now toast). We were top ranked competitive climbers in Canada for over a decade, and served tours of duty in the routesetting department as well. We are plastic climbers, and understand holds. We live in Edmonton. It's winter for 6 months of the year. The nearest rock is 4 hrs away (not including the typical Canadian Rockies 45 minute hike to get to the cliff). We get plastic. We only make good shapes, why bother making something that's crap?

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The comp scene

We've been a major supporter of comps in Canada and the US. We were a big sponsor of the famous (infamous) PCA tour in the States from 2001-2004, and more recently (2009) the American Bouldering Nationals and Bouldering World Cup in Vail. Our line is deep and complete enough that we were able to be the exclusive hold sponsor for two Canadian National bouldering championships (2002 and 2008), those comps were set entirely with Teknik. They were done all in one colour of hold- it looked really cool!

Hmmm, what else?

In 2004 we did the Teknik vs Japan Gym Tour. We set routes with Teknik holds at a number of gyms in Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, and Tokyo, and had a "climb-off" with Japanese superstars such as Yuji Hirayama, and Dai Koyamada.

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