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Profile Page Definition

Below is an image of the "Aardvark Mountaineering" Example Profile Page. The picture does not show the entire page, just the upper section of it.

You can see the actual example Profile Page Here

Aardvark Mountaineering Example

The coloured boxes in the image below indicate the different Content Areas for a Profile Page.

WorldClimb Aardvark Mountaineering Example Image

When an Owner registers their Profile Page this gives them the ability to edit their own content on their own Profile Page. Most areas of the Profile Page can be directly edited online by the Owner concerned. These areas are referred to as Owner Editable. The red Content Areas in the image above are Owner Editable.

The bottom of the Profile Page is not shown in the above image and there is considerably more room for further content in the Text and Images section (Red Area 1).

There are 2 Content Areas that WorldClimb maintain editorial control of. These Content Areas are referred to as Change Request Required. Changes can be carried out by the Owner submitting a Change Request to WorldClimb.

The various Content Areas of a Profile Page are as follows:

Owner Editable

  • Red 1 - This is the Text and Images area for the Owner. This allows the Owner to add 4 high resolution images to their profile with as much surrounding text as they wish. (Owner Editable)
  • Red 2 - This is the Logo Image area for the Owner. (Owner Editable)
  • Red 3 - This is the Contact Details area for the Owner. It includes the address, phone number, email and web address (Owner Editable)
  • The Banner Image area is a default WorldClimb image selected according to one of the Categories under which the Owner is listed. The Owner can easily select the image of another Category under which they are listed.(Owner Editable)

Change Request Required

  • Yellow 1 - indicates which Country/Countries the Owner is based in or operates within. (Change Request Required)
  • Yellow 2 - indicates which Categories the Owner is listed under. (Change Request Required)
  • The Title of the Owner Profile Page. (Change Request Required)

The registering of your WorldClimb Profile Page requires the acceptance of the WorldClimb Change Request Limitations and Conditions. The final decision on all Change Requests remains with WorldClimb.